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The subordinate company dynamic
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Zhenlai grain logistic company held theme learning seminars

2015/8/25 17:47:59


According to the requirements of industry group co., LTD, Zhenlai grain logistic company carried out the "agglomerate mental efforts and stay together" theme learning seminars.



All departments organized employee to study deputy director of the state-owned assets supervision and administration‘s speech spirit of leadership adjustment announced conference and joint-stock company general manager on July 1st and party secretary Dai Hegen’s speech on July 6th. Concentrating on topics, such as transformation and upgrading, how to further deepen the enterprise reform, completing the corporate governance mode and operation mechanism, strengthen internal energy, improve the market competitiveness of enterprises, develop the leading force, the company staff held a series of key content discussion.


After the discussion, each department submitted more than forty pieces of opinions, and summarized conclusions, which involved in grain logistics engineering construction, grain situations, cost control, revitalize the idle assets, the attitude construction, etc.


Through the learning and discussion, it further changed ideas, set up the team spirit, reaching the goal of " agglomerate mental efforts and stay together".